About Us

Swim Brayv mer-models and cause ambassadors travel near and far educating humans on water safety, and engaging them to become advocates for drowning prevention. Along with our board of directors, and behind the scenes leadership team, these front-line volunteers help us connect with our communities.

We are proud water watchers, who want to spread awareness about water safety and reduce drowning over time. The hope is that as a group of like-minded volunteers, working together, we can positively influence other citizens to become advocates for drowning prevention too!    

Sadly, drowning occurs more often than people realize. Drowning is a leading cause of death globally, especially for children 14 and under. We believe this fact is due to lack of knowledge and communication about water safety. Take the Swim B.R.A.Y.V. Pledge along with us today and…  


Our Mission

Significantly increase water safety advocacy and safe swimming practices through an engaging delivery of knowledge at water activity sites.

The Swim Brayv Foundation will increase water safety advocacy and safe swimming practices by:

  • Delivering compelling educational materials and activities around water safety and drowning prevention
  • Building and connecting communities that provide support for those who have encountered swimming misfortunes
  • Collaborating with other water safety foundations regarding drowning prevention and water/swim safety
  • Innovating around hands-on engagement of recreational populations where swimming and aquatic sports take place

Founder’s Story

Candace’s younger brother Brayv passed away before his second birthday, due to a drowning accident in 2011. The tragedy deeply impacted Brayv’s family and motivated Candace to begin the Swim Brayv Foundation.

Her mission is to raise awareness for drowning prevention and water/swim safety.

The foundation’s ultimate goal is to reduce frightful drowning statistics across all communities. Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury and deaths of children under the age of four, according to the National Drowning Prevention Alliance.

The Swim Brayv Foundation also aims to provide support for families who are impacted by drowning hardships. She plans to begin her focus right at home in Southern California, and then expand globally.

Together we can… Save Lives. Swim Brayv.

Board of Directors

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